About us
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Premium services

Founded in 2017, the company is specialized in virtual reality experiences, games development and event organization.

Customer service

A reactive team that listens to your needs and guides you step by step throughout your experience. We always do our best to fulfill you requirements.

Premium quality

High quality standards, professional service and performance to suit your special events and requirements. Luxurious and modern event space with state-of-the-art hardware and bar equipment.

Constant improvement

The constant desire to improve our performance in order to provide you with the best gaming experience and the highest standards of quality service.

History of the compagny

Torch Entertainment was born out of a desire to transform the future of video games and entertainment through virtual reality. We started as the only VR escape game of Czech Republic and the company kept growing until it offers a complete range of premium services centered around virtual reality and events organisation.

Virtual reality is developing quickly in the world of video games but also in everyday life. New technologies now make it possible to have increasingly immersive and spectacular experiences. The challenge we have set ourselves is to make virtual reality accessible to everyone. To do this, we have developed our activity around 4 entities.

First, VR Play Park. Much more than a simple arcade, our premises located in the heart of the city centre of Prague will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable moment with your family or friends by having fun through our various VR attractions such as VR escape games, VR expeditions inside the ancient pyramids, simulators... or by enjoying a refreshment in our bar area.

With Václavák 22, we also offer to rent our premises for corporate events which will enhance your team cohesion and make your corporate meetings more original and memorable.

And to make virtual reality even more accessible, we have launched VR Play Mobile. We have the possibility to come directly to your headquarter with our team of technicians who will be there to guide you step by step to live the best experience possible.

Finally, in order to remain at the forefront of new technology and to offer ever more immersive experiences, we have launched our own development company: Torch VR, specialising in the development of new video games and attractions in virtual reality.