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Meta, formerly Facebook, presents its new virtual reality projects

Last February, Meta announced that it would invest $10 billion in research and development around virtual reality. Discover their new VR headset prototypes.

Nike is taking over the Metaverse and NFTs

Nike has always been at the forefront of digital transformation. Recently, the brand has turned to the world of the metaverse and NFT. The brand has just sold its first NFT sneakers

Metaverse festival in Prague

You’ve all heard about the “Metaverse”, this futuristic concept ofa 100% virtual and immersive world worthy of science fiction. Let’s see the eview of the mataverse festival of june 2 and 3 in Prague.

Apple's future VR headset

In the latest months, many rumors and hints point to the upcoming release of a brand new VR headset created by Apple that would combine VR and augmented reality technology.

Vatican's virtual reality museum project in the Metaverse

Discover the new Vatican project: The launch of a museum combining virtual reality, NFT and metaverse. A project that could revolutionize the access to culture.

The differences between VR and AR

Virtual Reality is getting more and more popular, both in the world of video games and in our daily lives. But what are the differences between VR and AR ?

A VR escape game in the flames of Notre Dame de Paris

Discover the new escape game from Ubisoft which takes place in the flames of Notre Dame de Paris

5 VR arcade games ideas to enjoy an immersive experience

Discover a selection of 5 VR games all more immersive than the others to spend a good time alone or with friends

NFTs in the world of video games

The entrance of NFTs in video games could lead to a big change in consumer habits. With this article, discover in what way NFTs could transform the world of video games.
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